The Sari Story

The name "Sari" comes from a Yoruba proverb - "Sari ma sagun" - which loosely translates to mean "Prevention is better than cure". We believe strongly in the natural, highly impactful healing benefits of herbs and plants as they provide us with vitamins, minerals and essential oils that restore and aid our body's natural balance.

The company was created to deliver these benefits to anyone mindful of their health in an easy, convenient way primarily through our handcrafted herbal teas but also using other herb-based products to be added to our range in the near future.

Africa is significantly blessed with highly nutritious and beneficial plant life which we aim to share with the world through carefully formulated products from herbal extractions.

Sarí aims to promote a healthier lifestyle overall for more people on the continent and beyond, starting with our range of teas and sharing knowledge on smarter health choices via our Sarí Communitea!

Join us as we learn to each own our health, one sip at a time 🙂